Is When Now?

I first created this site because I started a blog for my wife where she could post for her business, Garland Nursery. I then went a step further and created a WordPress website for her business.

However, as you can tell I haven’t done anything with this or my Drupal site called Maybe now is the time to start.

I have created a new URL which is I would like to start blogging about the transformation of our 3.71 acres into a permaculture based farm which is also organic of course and no-till. I hope to grow enough food that we will only need to buy a little meat and make a little bit of an income.

Let’s see hou

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Hellebores Galore

The View From the Barn

Hellebore_Pink In the last few weeks, we have received our biggest supply of Hellebores.  There are 29 varieties.  When they arrive, I am like a kid in a candy store whose parent has told her she may only pick one sweet treat.  Every year I want to buy them all, they’re so sweet, but with the size of my garden, I only allow myself to plant one Hellebore.  What’s not to love about them?  They add color in the winter and are quite charming in appearance.  Plus they do great in containers and my containers always need a pick me up in February.  I can’t resist the allure of these painted ladies.

Hellebore_snow_frillsThis year, I selected one called Snow FrillsSnow Frills is a perky Christmas Rose selection from the Helleborus Gold Collection (HGC).  It is fairly compact at 9-12 inches tall.  The lovely double, white flowers have a light fragrance. …

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Test Post

Future Dummy

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Chase creation at a fast gate!

This is the beginning of a great website.

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